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EC Malta English School Letter to my Teachers

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Dear Lorraine and Simon,

Thank you again for this unforgettable experience, what I got in EC Malta English School.

I have already given positive feedback everywhere to the school, like this:
“The best expereince in my life! 🙂
Everybody is really helpful and kind. All of my lessons were improving, my teachers helped me a lot.
The activities were well-organized and enjoyable. Our apartement was comfortable, and had a huge balcony, living room and all of the important facilities.
Thanks for my new friends for the unforgettable experiences, my teachers Lorraine and Simon for the teaching and all of the staff for the helping.
Perfect school, everybody should learn here.
All the best for everybody!

I would like to write some sencences about Lorrainne’s and Simon’s lessons as well:

“I think I got one of the best teachers in Malta. I really enjoyed Lorraine’s lessons, because she was always kind and helpful. She was my second mum and her lessons was one of my greatest experiences in my life. The atmosphere of the lessons were perfect, there were only 5-6 persons in the class, so in this way we could always improve our skills very much. We always worked in pairs and small groups to get know each other as well. We shouldn’t write words in our language just in English and it was a really good method to change our way of thinking and help each other every time.
Lorraine corrected all of our mistakes and helped not to do these again. She was funny as well, and teached in the most easiest way. I have learnt a lot in the business field which was really important to do my work in Hungary.
In the class, there were a lot of people from other countries and that was a good opportunity the know much more about their cultures. Lorraine made a chance to make presentations about our country and that was fantastic.
In her lessons we always got new knowledges in the business field, we practised the grammar and the pronunciation as well. Each week we had new topics for example marketing, conferences, discussions, banks etc.
I would like to say thank you to her again and I offer her lessons all of the students who learn in EC Malta.”

“My second teacher was Simon who is a really helpful english teacher. I loved his pronunciation. He teached us the most things in grammar and in pronunciation. He always got the common topics in the class and made the lessons easier.
Every lesson we talked a lot, and made a lot of exercises to practise the grammar. In this way we worked alone and after that we checked our answers with our classmates. That was a good way to see our mistakes and helped each other.
Our classmates were changed every week and Simon helped to make a good atmosphere in the class every time.
I think Simon and Lorrainne complete each other in a really good way and they are the best teachers in Malta. Thank you very much for teaching.”


I wish all the best for you in the future.

Best Regards,
Péter from Hungary


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