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Improving your command of the English language will not happen overnight. It’s a lengthy process that involves a great deal of patience and hard work.

Indeed, starting on your own is an option and it is even commendable, particularly so because it would mean that you can at least understand the most elementary of structures once you come to EC Malta English school.

Perfecting your skills, on the other hand, is something that needs guidance; the expert knowledge of professionals.

And that is precisely what you have to expect when you are en route to EC Malta: professional teachers! You will be helped to overcome your difficulties with the language, which will in turn make you more and more confident.

Having said that, we at EC Malta English school feel that we could do even more to help you out with your language pursuits. In fact, although you have booked a specific course, we are willing to give you even more than that.

As a student, you will surely have some skill that requires more seeing to than the others. A skill that you have been attempting to hone but which has persistently left a lot to be desired.

Needless to say, you will have the opportunity to improve this skill in the class you will be placed. Your teacher will bring particular exercises to class that will help you lessen the problem you have with that aspect of the language – the four skills will be taken to a much higher level; to your heart’s content, of course.

Yet, as I was saying, we strongly believe there is more we could do!
Hence the latest addition to EC Malta’s curriculum: Free Lessons to be held on a weekly basis. These lessons will target one specific skill or language item. So, unlike the regular lessons, where attention is paid to different skills, these free lessons are to concentrate on one of them. This fantastic opportunity will enable you to spend a whole hour working on your most difficult area of language; a teacher will of course be guiding those attending.

The range is wide indeed. Do you struggle with listening? Then why not go to the ‘listening lab’? Is writing your Achilles heel? Then ‘writing clinic’ will offer you insight into how to approach the different styles. Would you like more speaking practice? Then why not go to ‘cafe chat’? You mention it…you have it!

‘So why has EC Malta decided to offer these free lessons?’, I hear you thinking to yourselves. Well, the answer is pretty simple: this is a small gesture to show you that we care about your improvement – the quicker you learn, the happier you and we are.

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