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Why Malta has become the must-go-to destination for learning English

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Valletta Capital City of Malta


Malta is a tiny island right in the middle of the Mediterranean sea just south of Italy, in area it’s smaller than London with a population of just above 400,000. What is making this island hit headlines around the world is it’s uniqueness that can’t be found anywhere else.

English English English

The first thing many travelers find very attractive is that English is not only spoken in Malta but also an official language, making it ideal for English Language students to fully immerse themselves in the language, practise out of class and make very fast progress.

Malta is Beautiful

Malta may be small but by far makes up for it in stunning beauty which is not found anywhere else. Malta has it all, Blue Lagoons with crystal transparent waters, romantic beaches surrounded by nature, caves to explore, historic medieval walled cities to explore by night or by day, temples older than the pyramids, vibrant nightlife, beautiful architecture to photograph, events happening all year round, wide variety of food to taste and friendly people to meet.

Malta is Special

Being part of the EU (European Union), staying in Malta makes for a great base to take short trips to visit other European cities with ease, this has made even more accessible to young travellers thanks to a good variety of low-cost airlines. Speaking of costs, living in Malta is cheaper than many large cities elsewhere giving students that extra bang for their buck.

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