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Cambridge Preparation Courses at EC Malta: The Students' Experiences

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The new Cambridge preparation courses in Malta, which started this week, will guide some of the EC students through this journey towards the FCE and CAE exams in June. A current CAE student, Alexandra, shared her expectations, and a past student, Lorena Giraldo, told us all about her impression of the course.


Alexandra, EC Malta student
Alexandra, why did you decide to take the Cambridge course?

“I think it is important for both my professional and personal life. In the future, I’d like to find a job in a foreign country and a certified level of English is often one of the requirements. A preparation course can help build confidence in the subject and give you tips that will come in handy. Moreover, I believe that in order to express your ideas and your feelings, it is necessary to have a good command of the language. Besides, my children speak better English than I do and this is an incentive for me to improve!”

Do you think that preparing for the test in an English-speaking country will help you more?

“Definitely! At the beginning, as you try to come to grips with your new reality; you have to face some difficulties and you might feel insecure. But here at EC Malta you have the chance to keep practising English with other students on a daily basis and this is very interesting. In my opinion, it is also important that we have the opportunity to listen to different accents and get used to them. At the end of the day, this is something that will help us during the test.”

EC Malta student, Lorena


Lorena, what did you enjoy most about the Cambridge course?

“I had the chance to try both the general and the Cambridge course. During the latter, I really had the impression that my English was improving at an incredible rate. The teacher presented new topics everyday, together with plenty of vocabulary to learn. In addition, I had the chance to fill the language gaps that were still present in my English. At this point I must make a special mention of my teacher, Denise, who pushed us to do our best.”

Considering your FCE experience, what tips would you give to the students who have just started the courses?

“My advice is to take the course seriously, to be consistent with the homework and to go the extra mile. Whenever you can, you should also study alone, to learn things ‘your way’, but then also in groups so that you can recycle what you’ve learned. It is necessary to dedicate time to the preparation of the exam so that you feel confident and relaxed on the day. I totally recommend the course to the prospective students, you honestly won’t regret it!”


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