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COVID-19 has forced a significant change of lifestyle upon most people. Whilst EC Malta has re-opened, it is crucial to ensure the safety of everyone within the organisation.

Adhering to social distancing measures.


EC Malta believes in the importance of face-to-face learning and the benefits that such a method has on students, whichever course they may be following. The school offers full in-house courses, allowing students to network and get to know each other, naturally whilst sticking to the safety measures in place.

So, how is EC Malta ensuring safety for everyone at school?


1. One-teacher system

Contrary to our usual two-teacher learning approach, in order to keep a ‘bubble’ we chose to work with a one-teacher system. This means that students will have one teacher per class. According to the feedback we’ve received so far, students seem to appreciate and enjoy this system as it allows them to get to know and get used to their teachers whilst also feeling safe and secure in the classroom.

One of our teachers adhering to the face covering measure in class.


2. Temperature checks

We carry out temperature checks before each before lessons and after each break. If someone results to have a high temperature, in our case 37.3 degrees and above, we ask them to go home and advise them to call the health authorities for guidance.

Our temperature checks.


3. Mandatory mask/visor wearing

It is mandatory to wear a mask or visor, both in the classroom and in the corridors of the school. This applies to both students and staff. The effectiveness of face covering is undeniable, and it’s safe to say that this is one of the most significant safety measures we have adopted. If a student or staff member forgets their face covering, the school will provide them with one to ensure a safe learning experience for everyone.

A student wearing a face covering in class.


4. Desks replaced with flap chairs

In order to further ensure safety and social distancing, to give everyone their personal space, desks in the classroom have been removed and instead we are using flap chairs. In this way, students are able to have their own individual space to learn, without having to worry about sharing a desk with others. Students cannot share anything in class, so they must make sure to have their own stationery, paper and anything else they may need. This is to minimise contact.


5. Disinfected classrooms and shared spaces

After each core and intensive class, classrooms are cleaned and disinfected by our housekeeping staff. The communal facilities are disinfected in a routinely fashion throughout the day. There is also hand sanitiser available in each classroom, which students are encouraged to use upon entering and exiting the classroom. A foot-pedal hand sanitiser is also placed at the entrance of both buildings because it is mandatory for students and staff to sanitise their hands upon entry.

A safe registration process at the school.


6. More use of technology

Handouts in the classroom are kept to a bare minimum for safety purposes. Due to this, we are making more use of technology such as Microsoft Teams, where teachers can upload homework and handouts or notes, and where students can engage in collaborative tasks. This also gives students the opportunity to network safely – learning English at EC Malta is all about getting to know new people and networking, and this is further enhanced through the available technology.

We hope this puts your mind at rest. We are trying our best to safeguard the health of our students and staff, whilst also providing an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all. We look forward to welcome you to EC Malta!

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