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An Insight Into The EC Malta Activity Programme

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EC Malta offers a diverse activity programme filled with cultural tours and ventures. Given the current circumstances, we have obviously had to adjust our activities to reach the health guideline standards in place. However, this hasn’t stopped our students and staff from embarking on these activities and enjoying them!

We’ve prepared a summarised list of all the activities presently offered at the school.


  1. Guided Night Tours

These tours are amongst the most popular activities we have on offer! Students have a choice of three places: Valletta, Mdina and the 3 Cities. The tours normally last approximately four hours. Here’s how it goes:

  • Students meet the tour guide at the school.
  • Students and tour guide get transported to the destination by van.
  • The guided walking tour begins upon arrival.
  • Students have some free time after the walking tour to grab something to eat or drink.
  • Students and tour guide then get transported back to school by van.

Given the current circumstances, the groups cannot exceed 6: 5 students and 1 tour guide.


Mdina by Night


  1. Gozo Tour

Our extremely popular guided Gozo tour takes students to the main attractions on the beautiful sister island. These attractions include:

  • Dwejra
  • Ċitadella
  • Ta’ Pinu Church
  • Xlendi
  • Fontana
  • Qala

The tour runs every Saturday. It lasts approximately nine hours, and the price includes the tour guide, transport in Malta, the ferry boat to Gozo and back as well as transport in Gozo.

Given the current circumstances, the groups cannot exceed 6: 5 students and 1 tour guide.


Xlendi, Gozo


  1. South of Malta Tour

People who visit Malta tend to forget to explore the charming South. Our guided South of Malta tour allows students to go round the most popular attractions in the South and immerses them in Maltese culture. These attractions include:

  • Marsaxlokk
  • Marsaskala
  • Blue Grotto (students can enjoy an optional boat ride for the price of 8 euros)
  • Haġar Qim Temples

The tour runs every Sunday. It lasts approximately eight hours, and the price includes transport, the tour guide and the Haġar Qim entrance fee.

Given the current circumstances, the groups cannot exceed 6: 5 students and 1 tour guide.



  1. Cynergi

Cynergi is Malta’s largest health and fitness club. And guess what? It’s just two minutes away from the school!
Our students are entitled to a one-day free trial, and also benefit from membership discounts. Below are the membership options:

  • One week
  • Four weeks
  • Three months
  • Six months


  1. Scuba Diving

Malta is a tremendously popular place for scuba diving. Our waters provide a magical experience for enthusiasts to enjoy.

Most students have never dived before, so there is a beginner class on offer called ‘Discover Scuba’, which teaches the basics of scuba diving. It lasts approximately three to four hours, and at the end of this lesson, students can go for their very first 40-minute dive!

There is also an option to do an open-water diving license. Upon completion of the course, students will be in a possession of a diving license!

For our more experienced students, we also have the option to book single or multiple dives.



  1. Sports Activities

EC Malta offers some fun sports activities, currently taking place in groups of eight. The activities being offered are:

  • Bowling at the Eden Superbowl
  • Laser Tag at MultiMaxx


Students bowling


Contact us for further information on activities and prices! We look forward to welcoming you to EC Malta!




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