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Escape to the Country!

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Escape (verb)

To break free of a confined space (e.g. I need to escape from Manchester)

Left-wing fantasy 'Escape From New York' turned out to be so, so wrong  about everything
They’re running away to a nice Airbnb

We all know that Manchester is the greatest city in the UK* and it’s people are somehow both incredibly kind and classically handsome. However there are times when we all feel the need to escape from this beautiful northern city.

In this blog, we’re going to be talking about all the places we can run away to after studying all week at EC Manchester. Sometimes you just have to go on an adventure! Manchester has a whole range of different activities you can take part in with Smile Adventures, but if you’re looking for something a little different, it could be more interesting to find your own path.

But dear readers, where do we begin?!

*this might not be true

12 Reasons Hebden Bridge Is Known as the 'Greatest Town in Europe'
This is the bridge of Hebden bridge!


(Adventure level: 3)

This sleepy little town along the Manchester canal is full of artists and musicians who used to live in the city but got a little old and chose a quieter life. Honestly, the centre of Hebden Bridge looks like an adorable child’s drawing of an English country town. It’s beautiful. The people are all ridiculously friendly and make city folk like me incredibly nervous. ‘Why did that elderly gentleman say good morning to me, is he my secret grandfather or just polite?’

Hebden Bridge, (or Hebbie B*) is a magical place full of history and it’s perfect for a day trip as it’s less than an hour away on the train!

Secret Fact: There is a super secret waterfall to be found at the top of the hill with a pool to swim in. Don’t tell anyone I told you this or they won’t let me back in. They also don’t like it.

*Sadly no one calls it Hebbie B but they really should.

THE SHAMBLES IN YORK - DIAGON ALLEY? - Yorkshire's Best Guides
This photo makes me want to fall over


(Adventure Level 2)

If you thought living in England was going to be like living in a colourful Harry Potter world then I have to say, I’m sorry. Harry Potter is a lie and if the character did exist that boy only studied magic and because of this was really let down by the Education system in this country. There is however, a strange little town which looks very much like the fantasy of Hogwarts and Quidditch. It’s a city called York and it might just be the most stunning places to live on these islands. One of the streets in particular was used as an inspiration for the ‘Diagon Alley’ and when you find it you can pretend to be a wizard searching for school supplies or perhaps just a pastry.

Full of museums and Viking and Roman history, York is around an hour and a twenty minutes away from Manchester and really worth a trip!

Secret Fact: New York isn’t as nice as old York. It’s the original York. Tell your friends.

Best job ever? Blackpool Pleasure Beach seeks rollercoaster test rider |  ITV News Granada
The North’s Coney Island!


(Adventure Level 9)

This is a tricky one as I have included this one onto my list for one reason and one reason alone: Blackpool Pleasure Beach!

Found on the coast just above Liverpool, Blackpool is a town next to the sea but instead of a boring grey English beach they’ve decided to build rollercoasters! There’s even a rumour going around that one of these rides has five loops. Five! I’m sorry, but this is just an incredibly exciting time to be alive. You might not believe me, but many students have said that after riding on a rollercoaster they’re actually more focused in the classrooms. Their hair is also never quite the same.

And that’s almost it, I’m afraid to say. There are still many places in the north to explore at the weekends so what’s stopping you? You came here for an adventure and they best ones start with a ridiculous idea and a rail card!

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