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Top 10 study tips!

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Hi Everyone! Jessica here, and today we’re going to go through some study tips to help you with your language learning.

Unfortunately, attending your classes every day is not enough to really get good at a language, you need independent study time as well.

So here are top ten study tips:

Tip 1

Think of learning a language like going to the gym (for your brain). Studying little and often will help you consolidate what you have learned and add a manageable amount of new information to what you already know.

Tip 2

Watching Netflix, Amazon or Disney+ counts. Watch the film or an episode in English with English subtitles. For lower levels, watch the film or episode in your language first, then watch it after in English.

Tip 3

To get better at reading, you need to read. There is no shortcut (sorry!). Read about what you love, that can be nature, sport, food, film, anything you want. Again little often is the key. Reading will help you build your vocabulary, see grammar in action and improve your reading fluency.

Tip 4

When you choose a book or article about what you love, make sure it is a lower level than what you read in your first language. This will make reading easier and more enjoyable. The Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling or The Hunger Games by Susanne Collins are good books to start with because there are films to watch to help understand the stories. (EC Manchester has a growing collection of graded readers and young adult fiction).

Tip 5

Create a quiet, focused and comfortable (but not too comfortable) ‘study zone’ where you will not be distracted. Preferably this should include a desk or table and supportive chair or stool (studying in bed doesn’t work, it makes you sleepy). There are some great standing desks available now that help circulation

Tip 6

A quiet and focused place means no notifications beeping, no apps chirping, and even better no phone at all. Put your phone on silent! If you can’t manage to stop scrolling then you need a lock box. A quirky and fashionable phone prison that restricts your phone use on a timer.

Tip 7

For some people study time alone is the best, for others, it is better to study together. This is especially true if your chosen study partner does not speak your first language. Make it as fun as you can, add in breaks, rewards and snacks to stay motivated.

Tip 8

Get a new notebook to write notes and new vocabulary. There are lots of places you can buy a reasonably priced notebooks in Manchester like Wilkinson or the Pound Shop.  If you want a more stylish and expensive one, you can have a look in Waterstones, W.H.Smith or Kenji, all are in the Arndale shopping centre.

Tip 9

Make lots of notes: new vocabulary, grammar rules, everything you practice – write it down. This helps you remember what you have learned.

Tip 10

Ask your teacher! Teachers are full of tips and advice for study skills.

Hope these study tips help!

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