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I’m not melting – You’re melting!

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Heat wave (n)

A long time with very hot weather

brown sand with shadow of person
Piccadilly Garden Summer 2023

It’s currently 30 degrees in central Manchester and dear reader I think I’m going to die. England is not prepared for anything over 21 degrees. We’re a rainy island and the brightness of the last few days is just ridiculous at this point. As a people, we simply don’t look good in high definition. We’re not HD ready. Also, I just saw a baby wearing sunglasses and he or she didn’t look awful. Yes, something very strange is happening to our beautiful city and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

This is a very long way to say that this week we’ll be focusing on ‘summer in the city’ and the EC teacher’s top tips on how to keep cool and more importantly how to get some sleep so you’re ready for school tomorrow morning!

Tip number 1. Socks in the Freezer

Yes, that’s right, you read that correctly. If you put your socks in the freezer for around an hour before you go to bed it will change your life. Jessica has just told me to remind you that they should be clean socks! This is very important. Also if you’re living with other people like host families or very close friends maybe casually ask them first before you stuff your Ted Baker socks next to their Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream.

Also, if there’s space go and throw in your duvet as well. Come on it’s summer, live a little!

blue white and yellow socks
It’s difficult to get the perfect temperature

Tip number 2. Open the damn doors and windows you idiot!

I’m sorry for calling you an idiot just then, it’s incredibly hot today. This is a tip for wherever you are really, day or night, open everything that can be opened. Unlike those beautiful winter months of December and January, the wind is your best friend and the more of it you have the better your chances of not melting in a front of students.

brown concrete building under blue sky
Open the windows to your dreams

Tip number 3. Meditation on YouTube

This is an interesting one. One of the better ways to cool off before you go to sleep is with some guided meditation. Stay with me. This actually works, as it’s all about relaxing your body and cooling down in a natural way. Luckily, you can find loads of meditation videos online on YouTube. Some of our favourites can be found on the ‘Honest Guys‘ channel, there’s even one set in the world of The Lord of the Rings! So find a quiet place free from distractions, close your eyes and try and pretend YouTube doesn’t have advertisements now.

woman in black tank top and black pants sitting on green grass field during daytime
She’s in Upper Intermediate

Tip number 4. Drink a cup of tea

Finally, we come to the most English of all our summer tips. Tea. A cups of tea (or a cuppa / a brew) is the answer to most questions in our little country. It’s what keeps the nation going and surprisingly can also keep you cool before you go to bed. I don’t why this works dear reader because I’m not a doctor or scientist. I just like wearing white shirts. So try it out and let me know any tricks that you guys use to keep cool during the always unexpected summer months.

person holding black ceramic mug
We can only assume this is tea

…And with that I can see there a few more clouds just outside our windows here at EC Manchester. A dream of rain fills the staff room, but there’s no time to give it a second thought. There are classes to be taught and I really should take my socks out of the freezer.

Till next time, keep practising your English and maybe buy a fan.

AUTHORS NOTE: This blog was written a few weeks ago. Weather conditions might be different today.

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