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September 30 is the Last Piknic Electronik of the Season…

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Summer is definitely behind us. That means, by the way, the end of the Piknic season.  For those of you who are not familiar, Piknic Electronik takes place every Sunday during the summer season at Parc Jean Drapeau on St. Helen’s Island.  It is an outdoor electronic music festival.  All summer long Montrealers have been flocking to the island on Sunday afternoons to get together, to forget about the previous work week and try to ignore the work week to come, and enjoy an outdoor dance party!!  It has been an incredible summer season!  The weather in Montreal was amazing this summer.  We did not get much rain, which means participation in these outdoor festivals was extremely high!  And as much as we love to revel in summer nostalgia we can use this as a chance to look ahead at all the wonderful things in Montreal yet to come this fall and winter!

This year organizers have chosen an Igloofest @ Piknic theme for the final Sunday Piknic Electronik!  They are heating up a batch of mulled wine to keep everyone toasty.  They are also planning the annual one-piece snowsuit contest.  They are setting up a photo stand where you can have your vintage one-piece photo taken. For those who participate, they are drawing tickets for Igloofest 2013 too! All you have to do is identify yourself in the photos on Facebook, which will be posted the next day.

We hope you participate in the very last Piknic Electronik of the season!!

Next in line is Igloofest! And that makes us happy just thinking about it!  We will be counting the days until it begins!  Whether it is 30 degrees in the summertime or -30 degrees in January, Montrealers like to party, outdoors!  ….really!

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