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The IELTS : your ticket to international education

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For those of you who envisage studying in an English university abroad, the TOEFL or the IELTS exams are a mandatory step to take.

I hear a lot the question: what is the difference between the IELTS and the TOEFL. Well, the main difference is that the first one is designed by American universities, while the latter by British. Another important aspect is the fact that the TOEFL is a computer  based test, while the IELTS is still the good old fashioned paper based test.

I will concentrate a bit on the IELTS because EC Montreal is running the exam preparation course for it on a regular basis,and the course  has become a really popular one. The course is offered as a full time programme Monday to Friday from 9:00 until 1:10 pm. Students who are interested in taking the course have to be at least at an intermediate level of English in order to benefit from the course fully. In order to assess the level we offer all students interested a free day in class- a trial class in which they can see for themselves how the class in organized and, more importantly maybe, the teacher assess the student’s level pointing out the strong and the weak points also. the course is designed in such a way that each day is dedicates to a certain language skill ( e.g. Monday – listening) and Friadays are dedicates to authentic IELTS practice tests. the focus of the course is very much on mastering the techniques that one needs in order to get the highest score possible.

And once you pass the exam you can truly start your journey into international education and employment because  the IELTS  test is recognized in over 7,000 institutions in over 135 countries!


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