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Oktoberfest and Canadian beers

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Yesterday’s activity in our lounge ( for those who do not know yet we had Oktoberfest beer and hot dogs for our students) prompted a lot of discussions around… beers obviously!

So I was curious to see where Canada and Canadians stand from this point of view.

It turns out that Canada ranks 20th in the world for per capita beer consumption. A closer look in our local beer stores, however, shows that we are a country that values quality over quantity. And this is how the top five looks like:

Number 1-Labatt Blue

If this list were based purely on taste, you might not even see this venerable old pilsner on it. However, choosing the best Canadian beer involves factors like its legacy and cultural importance. No other beer has woven its way into the Canadian cultural mosaic more than Labatt Blue.

Number 2-Molson Canadian

Canadian isn’t just a good beer (2003 North American Beer Awards’ Gold Medal winner in the lager category), it has also been part of our proud drinking heritage for generations.

Number 3- Molson Export

The judges of the Monde Selection Beer Festival found it a gold medal-worthy brew.

Number 4-Moosehead

This cold, fresh beer originating in New Brunswick, was actually first brewed in 1867 by a woman- Susannah Oland. The rest, as they say, is Canadian history.


Number 5-Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale

This clean, full-bodies beer was first brewed for British soldiers serving in …India.

Try them ( not all at the same time, though) and come up with your own ranking!




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