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"Fall" in Love with Montreal!

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Fall is definitely my favorite time of year!  The weather is still mild enough but the colours around us are just spectacular!  The sun shines down on our maple trees and they look absolutely majestic!  They glow in hues of red, gold and fiery orange!  It is such a joy to take a walk on one of the many park trails in the city with the leaves rustling underfoot.  There is something special about that crispness in the cooler air and the crunch we hear with every step we take.  Every once in a while we stop to pick up an amazing leaf.  We take it home and conserve it between the pages of our favorite book.

It is a magical time of year, especially in Montreal!  Montreal definitely celebrates every season in a festive way!  You can see these small celebrations in every shop window, in every restaurant  and in every bar.  Coffee shops serve their very special pumpkin spice lattes and apple cinnamon treats!

Right here in the EC Montreal school, the school is decorated in all these fabulous fall colours!  We get to experience the beauty of our outdoors right inside our school.

Come discover Montreal this autumn and “fall” in love with our city!!

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