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Jorge Don't Go!

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Jorge Rodea Vara, from Mexico, has been studying at EC Montreal since February 2012.  He came into the office today to ask for his certificates because it is his last week.  We all simultaneously said NOOOOOOO, DON’T GO!!!  We are going to miss him so much.  He is one of those students that gets involved.  Whatever is going on in the school, no matter the activity, the fundraiser, the event, he is present and with a HUGE SMILE!!  He has got it all – charisma, school spirit, energy, enthusiasm and charm!  He is definitely Mr. Popularity here at EC Montreal.  It will be difficult imagining our next activity without him!

He has studied both English and French during his 9-month stay.  He successfully completed Niveau 4 in French and the Elementary level in English.  His objective is to be proficient in both English and French, so he must return to achieve this goal!  We will count the days until his return!

Here is what Jorge would like to share with all of you!!

“I chose Montreal because I love to speak French and I love to meet new people!  I will definitely recommend EC Montreal to all my friends back home”.



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