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EC Montreal would like to wish all their students a “SAFE AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN”.

Who said coming to study abroad can’t be fun?  EC Montreal loves Halloween.  Staff at EC Montreal is looking forward to the activities planned for the day.  Students look amazing with their costumes and we can’t wait for the festivities to begin.  At the lunch break we will have music, candies, punch and we will have a contest to choose the best costume.

Here are some tips for staying safe tonight:

Before going out:

  • Make sure you are dressed for the weather.
  • Make sure shoes fit properly and costumes do not fall below the ankles (to avoid tripping).
  • Enlarge the eye area of masks and check visibility or use makeup. If wearing a mask, push it up on your head while walking.
  • You should have a flashlight and wear a reflective costume or reflective tape so drivers can see you at dusk and in the dark.
  • Walk, don’t run; stop and look both ways before crossing the street; and when crossing at a traffic light, wait until the light turns green and approaching vehicles stop before proceeding.

At the end of the night:

  • Put out any burning candles.
  • Close the TV and HAVE A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP!!


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