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Montreal Image of the Day – Mount Royal Park in the Fall!

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Mount Royal is called the heart beat of Montreal because it is located right in the center of the island and represents the highest peak of the city.  During the spring, summer and early fall, Sundays are a special day of the week at Mount-Roayl.  They call this day the tam tams.  Montrealers and visitors gather on the mountain and play their drums or bongos or sometimes pots and pans in harmony.  Everyone plays a along to a beat and enjoy the majestic and magical sights that surround them on the Mount Royal park.

A guided tour of Mount Royal is present on the social events calendar at EC Montreal every single month.  No matter what time of year it is, Mount Royal is a lovely place to visit.  If you want to go for a hike, a nature walk, a bike ride, a picinic, a soccer game or to just hang out!

photo is courtesy of Tourisme Montreal

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