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Student Testimonial – Java Teixeira

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I had a really good time here in Montreal! I guess the best thing about the school are the people who work in it. I mean the teachers and the staff. All the teachers I had were excellent. Essadia, particularly, is a really good teacher. She really knows how to lead with the students from different cultures. It seems that I had 2 years of French classes, but actually it was only two months.

Thanks for everything,


Jan 7The picture above was taken on her first day at EC Montreal. She always had this big smile 🙂 It is very sad to say goodbye to Java but we will keep in touch on facebook. She gave each one of us working in the office a traditional bracelet, which can make your wishes come true! “Thank you so much, Java!”

Java also told us that she enjoyed her stay and she would definitely recommend EC Montreal as a language school in Montreal. We wish her all the best! 


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