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Montreal's Museum Day: Sunday, May 26

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Montreal is rich in art and culture!  This is evident in the number of museums the city has – from history, science, art and civilization, Montreal’s museums are exciting, interesting and fascinating places to visit!  Our museums are not just for tourists!  Montrealers love to visit their museums on weekends!  Most museums offer free entrance one evening a week.  For example, the Fine Arts Museum is free on Wednesday evening.

EC Montreal usually offers a museum visit on each monthly social events calendar.  We want our students to get a taste of Montreal’s rich culture during their stay!  When you study ESL abroad at EC Montreal, we will give you the opportunity to immerse yourselves in all our city has to offer!

Sunday, May 26 is Montreal’s yearly museum day!  An opportunity to visit 34 of Montreal’s museums and major art galleries free of charge!  See the Peru exhibition at the MMFA as well as new work in the museum’s sculpture garden, visit the MACM to see 10 years of critical yet playful work by experimental artist Michel de Broin and a solo show from Eve Sussman and her collaborative team Rufus Corporation, and go to Montreal’s history and archaeology museum Pointe-à-Callière for their Cultural Feast, May 25-26, a free outdoor event celebrating the diverse culinary history of Montreal: feast on everything from fish and chips to Japanese food (and there’s whiskey too.)

Montreal’s museum day is unique to North America and we are so proud of this great initiative made by the city of Montreal!

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