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You Gotta Eat Here! – Icehouse

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There is a show on the food network called “You Gotta Eat Here”.  It features diners across Canada that prepare exceptionally good food.  Montreal restaurants are often featured on this show – what other Canadian city can compete with Montreal?!  It has over 6000 restaurants and the reputation for being a food lovers paradise!

The other night, Icehouse restaurant was featured on the show.  It looked so inviting that we just had to try it!  It is a very small restaurant hidden on St-Dominique street between St-Denis and St-Laurent Blvd.  The restaurant looks like a log cabin hidden in the woods.  It has a caribou at the front entrance.


There are no menus, no dishes and little cutlery, but you will find a lot of flavour!!  You order your food from a black board.  Their specialties include buckets of ribs, fried chicken and tacos.  They bring the bucket to your table, place paper down at your place setting and dump the bucket of food on the table until every last crumb spills out of it.  The food is delicious – very unique flavors.  It is pure comfort food with a very hip flair!


The signature drink is a lemonade with bourbon.  You can order it by the glass or by the pitcher.  It seems to be everyone’s favorite because you can see it on every table.

The restaurant offers a very cozy and inviting feel.  There are huge line ups outside and guests are invited to share tables with strangers to avoid the wait.


I can definitely recommend this restaurant to our EC Montreal students looking for something different, delicious and cool!  To see the episode of You Gotta Eat Here where the Icehouse is featured, click here:

There is always something new to devour in Montreal!  Join us at EC Montreal and we’ll introduce you to many tasty treats!

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