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The most relaxing and funny yoga class !

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The last activity or EC Montreal’s Health & Fitness month is over!  Every Wednesday, EC Montreal organizes free activities for its students. The last one for the month of May was a yoga class with a professional instructor: Roseanne. It was lovely to see how many students were interested in yoga. The majority of students had never practiced yoga before, but they did very well.

Roseanne was really friendly and nice with the students. She took the time to ensure that everyone understood what she said. They started by doing a meditation technique.  Students were asked to sit down, get comfortable, close their eyes and try to clear their heads of all their problems and concerns. Then, she taught them different yoga positions. Some of them were really sporty and others funny. They also practiced some yoga positions in teams.  It was not easy for everybody to stand on one foot. For the last few minutes, they lied down on the floor to relax.

yoga style

By the end, they felt so good and relaxed that they asked to do this activity every day! All the students were taught how they relax and be in tune with their body.

We hope to repeat this activity many times with our EC Montreal students!

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