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EC East Coast Fam Tour!

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ec east coast fam 2013

This week, EC Montreal welcomed the world!  We hosted an EC East Coast Fam Tour!  We had 10 travel agents representing Germany, Japan, Korea, France, Colombia, Turkey and Brazil.  They were traveling to most of the EC East Coast centres; EC Toronto, EC Montreal, EC Boston and EC New York, to familiarize themselves with our cities and our schools.

EC Montreal loves to host visitors!  As Montrealers, warmth and hospitality are very important to us!  We enjoyed every minute of planning their stay as well as getting to know them throughout their visit.

We felt it was important to show them the very best of Montreal!  Their journey began at Reuben’s Deli for a welcome smoked meat dinner.  A visit to Montreal would not be complete without having a taste of this very famous dish!

ec montreal presentation

The following day was a busy one!  The agents visited the EC Montreal school and were given dynamic presentations by our Centre Director, Elisa, our Director of Studies, Ana, as well as our Student Ambassadors, Alex and Mishal!  They even got to participate in our free morning activity, the apple pancake breakfast!

pancake breakfast

They were all so impressed with our school and its facilities!

We then hopped on the bus for a 2-hour city tour!  We visited the downtown area, Mount-Royal, the Plateau Mont-Royal, Parc Jean-Drapeau as well as Old Montreal!  It was a beautiful sunny day and the city never looked so lovely!  We were so proud to show off our magical city!


The city tour ended at Ateliers & Saveurs for a very special gastronomy session.  We wanted them to get a taste of EC Montreal’s English or French plus programme, gastronomy.   Together, we took a mixology class where we learned how to mix 2 great cocktails; the classic mojito and a white sangria.  They were delicious!  During the culinary session, a very handsome and charming French chef taught us how to make 5 savoury tapas as well as 2 sweet desserts!

gastronomy session

When the preparations were complete, we sat down and enjoyed a wonderful meal together!

We surprised our guests by presenting them with bright orange EC Montreal gastronomy aprons.  We all put on our aprons and posed for a spectacular group photo!

group photo with aprons

We then made our way to the Varcity 515 Residence.  We received a tour of the residence as well as EC Montreal’s apartments.  The agents said it was the nicest residence they had every seen!

cocktail party 2

We ended the day with a cocktail party at Restaurant Atti.  We mingled over sparkeling wine and appetizers.  It was the perfect end to a perfect day!

We said good bye to our lovely guests yesterday morning.  We gave them one last surprise, a thank you card with a group photo we had taken together.  They loved the gesture and said they were blown away by our warmth, generosity and hospitality!

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