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Hitachi Students Present…

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EC Montreal has been hosting 3 newly hired employees at the Hitachi group in Japan since July 2, 2013.  Yuki, Akira and Naoki are 3 of the most hardworking students we have ever met! They have been taking our Intensive 30 Lessons per week programme as well as customized lessons every Friday afternoon.  Sometimes when we are locking up the school in the early evening, they are still hard at work in one of our empty classrooms.

During their stay in Montreal, they had to prepare for a presentation they will be participating in when they begin their employment with Hitachi.  Their presentation included research conducted through surveys, internet searches and visiting a Montreal car dealership.

Today was their last day at EC Montreal.  They wanted to share their presentation with us.  They were a little nervous, however, they did a fabulous job presenting their findings.

Their private instructor, Stephanie, has been coaching them and assisting them with all their preparations.  You can tell that she was very proud of their achievements!


We gave them a well deserved applause and presented them with a small souvenir so they can remember their time in Montreal!

We will miss Yuki, Akira and Naoki!  We wish them a lot of success in their new roles with Hitachi!

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