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Ana Alicia Nasuno Bastar From Mexico: "This experience has been amazing…"

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Ana Alicia Nasuno Bastar is a lovely young lady from Mexico booked in EC Montreal’s bilingual programme.  Ana has been with us for many months but sadly her journey at EC Montreal is coming to an end.  Here is what she would like to share with everyone about her full immersion English and French programme in Montreal:

ani 2

I decided study in Montreal because it’s a nice city and I thought that I could learn English and French together but later I decided to focus only in English.

I think that I improved a lot, because when I came I couldn’t talk too much and now I have friends from other countries, like Korea, and I can have good conversations with them.

My favorite EC Montreal’s activity was learn how to do sushi, it was a good experience because I never done this before.

The EC Montreal is a good school, my teachers are the bests, I like the class, they are interactive and interesting!

My homestay is the best! I have luck to live with such nice family because they help me to feel confident in my new life in Montreal and I feel like with my grandparents. My homestay mom is a kindly person and also my homestay dad. I feel really good in my home here.

I think everything in this experience it’s important for me. Every day I do something new, I meet new people, I make new friends and I will never forget this city. Montreal is beautiful, I feel safe here, it’s totally different from Mexico, but I want to go back to my country, this experience has been amazing but I have to go back to my reality and for my family.

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