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Student Lecture by Monique Barros: What do you know about Brazil?

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In front of a full house( well, in our case a classroom overflowing with international students)  Monique presented, in English, on the subject of her beloved home country- Brazil: What people do not know about Brazil until they actually visit.

We learnt that Brazil is becoming more and more, depending on what region you live in, the country of endless summer! and that if you do get winter in the months of June, July and August the temperatures are between 0 and 15 degrees, plus!

Another interesting thing is the Sao Paulo, the city has 3 times the population of Montreal ( so here in Montreal we should then stop complaining about traffic!)

Monique built her presentation on the questions that she repeatedly had to answer about Brazil!

We a re looking froward to you presentation in French also Monique, since you are taking French classes in Montreal at EC.

Congratulation et à la prochain!


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