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One of the very popular activities at EC Montreal is when we treat our students to freshly made pancakes. The most recent occasion we did that we happened to have left over pancake batter.

A small group of our students that met here at EC Montreal who came to learn English in Canada or French and became really good friends, were interested in how we prepare the batter.

Of course we shared the secret: it is store bought. As we happened to have some left over batter we gave it to them to try.

They promised to make the pancakes at their next get together and send us the results.

And boy di they keep their promise! Take a look at the savory pancakes they put together!

Thank you Mariana, Anisa and Nicolas!

You guys should take the gastronomy programme at EC Montreal and later on open up a successful restaurant in Montreal!

EC Montreal English Centre students making pancakes

EC Montreal English Centre students prepare batter for pancakes

EC Montreal English Centre students prepare batter for pancakes

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