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Fundraiser Success at EC Montreal!

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EC Montreal held a very successful charity event today!  The entire EC Montreal community came together and raised funds for the Refugee Centre.  It was so rewarding to see such wonderful school spirit.  Students came up with great ideas to raise money.

We had some students set up a hair styling booth where they braided and coiffed hair for donations.  It was such a wonderful idea!  They raised a lot of money making us girls feel pretty!  They did an amazing job!

We had another group of student sell magazines that were prepared as a classroom project.  The students were very proud of the work they did and autographed copies of their magazines for their school mates.

We had some students collecting money for hugs and kisses.  They went around the school with a donation jar and puckered up their lips and encouraged everyone to kiss generously!

We also had a group of students set up a karaoke room!  Anyone who wanted to sing a song had to pay a dollar!  It was definitely the most entertaining room!

The EC Montreal staff prepared wonderful goodies to sell at the bake sale.  We had cupcakes, cookies, cakes and other sweet treats for sale!

The most popular booth was the hot dog stand!  The hot dogs grilling smelled way to delicious to pass up!  We sold close to 150 hot dogs!!

We counted all the donations and are extremely proud of the efforts we all worked together to achieve!  We raised $459 in total!  We presented the Refugee Centre with the donations and they were so happy to accept the funds!  They appreciated the gesture EC Montreal made for them today!

We are delighted to have the Refugee Centre as our neighbors and are delighted with our new found partners!

Thank you to the entire EC Montreal family for your hard work, creativity and generosity today!

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