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EC Montreal Student Focus Group Feedback!

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Every week at EC Montreal English language school we meet with our departing students to get feedback on their EC experience.  These meetings are key in improving our services and giving our students what they want.  This week we met with students from Brazil, Chile and Belgium.  Here is what they had to say about their EC experience:

Bruna Gobi From Brazil

I like so much EC Montreal.  I think it is a good school to learn and make new friends.  I really enjoyed my classes and the teachers because they are very patient and friendly as well.  I could improve my French skills so I am so glad I chose EC.  For sure, I will recommend EC to my friends.


Luciane Leite de Figueiredo From Brazil

My experience at EC was good.  I could improve my skills and I could meet people from other countries.


Rodrigo Oliveira From Brazil

I was in Montreal for 3 weeks.  I chose Montreal because I could learn more French and speak English if necessary.  I feel it was a great experience and I improved a lot in these 3 weeks.  Merci EC!


Tomas Merlo Vergara From Chile

I love traveling because of this trip, but I think that the school leaves too much homework.  Sometimes, there are people who come here to travel and have fun.  The school is really good.  I like the location of it.  Here, all the people are open to have conversations.  The only bad part was all the homework.


Bruna Amorim Ferreira From Brazil

I chose this destination because I love Canada and I want to improve my English and my French.  I loved everything here.  My homestay, my school, my class and my teachers.  I made so many friends and I will never forget them.  It was my best trip ever!  Thank you.


Bruna Lemes Arantes From Brazil

I spent a great time here at EC!  I learned a lot of new things and I am so happy with everything.  Thanks to EC and the teachers for everything.  I am going to recommend EC and Montreal to my friends and family.  My host family is the best.  Thanks for this too!


Andreea Marlena Dudas From Belgium

I chose Montreal because I am in love with Canada.  I visited already Vancouver and wanted to discover Montreal as well.  I learned a lot about being flexible.  I didn’t have any favorite activity at EC.  I liked them all.  I liked the classes a lot and love the way Essadia teaches her classes.  I did not like my accommodation so much.  I wold recommend EC to a friend.  I will remember the cold!



I improved a lot, now I can understand better and even speak French.  EC has a good system to learn which makes it way easier to learn.

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