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Fundraising Success at EC Montreal!

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Yesterday, EC Montreal raised $331.70 for the Canadian Refugee Center!  It was an entire day of giving back at EC Montreal!

Our English for Work class as well as our Japanese group worked on class projects to come up with fundraising initiatives.  Our English teachers Olga and Cristina have been working with their students on developing a fundraising strategy and delivering their presentation to students.

The journey began with a visit from the team at the Refugee Center.  They delivered a presentation on the inspiring work they are doing at the center.  They explained that they offer three main areas of support; academic, economic and social.  The shared many success stories and our EC students really appreciated learning more about the center.  This visit from the center really energized the students and gave them so much motivation for their fundraising project.

Daiki, Masafumi and Yuki worked on different workshops to help raise money.  They sold tickets for students to attend Origami making workshops as well as a Japanese letter writing class.  Students learned how to write their name in Japanese.  The name was then painted professionally on rice paper with black paint.  They looked spectacular!  The origami lessons were just as impressive.  Students came up with amazing works of art in so many fabulous colours!

Our English teacher, Jayson, gave an English and Food workshop.  Students purchased tickets to learn more about food and cooking terminology.  It was a very interactive and interesting lesson!

We were also so impressed with our former student Malak.  Malak was an EC student for many months and has completed her studies.  She still comes to visit us every day as she has many friends at the school!  She game in with bags and bags of beautiful treats to sell at the fundraiser.  She had moon pies, fruit containers, carrot sticks and popcorn bags meticulously prepared.  She even had handwritten tags with inspirational messages attached to her treats.  We were all blown away by all the work she put into this.

The EC Montreal team of staff and teachers contributed to a bake sale table.  Elisa prepared her delicious banana kiss muffins, Cristina baked chocolate chip cookies and a large home-made pizza and Ana made the tastiest tuna empanadas.  We also had baked donations from the rest of the teaching staff.

We also sold hot dogs in the student lounge at the lunch break.  We sold 130 hot dogs in 1 hour!  They were the biggest hit at the fundraiser!

It was a wonderful day of giving back at EC Montreal!

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