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Margarita Maria Cordoba From Colombia: "My experience at EC was amazing…"

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Margarita Maria Cordoba is a lovely woman from Colombia participating in EC Montreal’s English programme.  Sadly, this is her last week at EC.  Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about her EC experience:

My experience at EC was amazing.  I made a lot of new friends from different countries like Mexico, France, Brazil, Argentina, Switzerland, Japan, Korea and many more.  I have learned a lot of new words improving my vocabulary.  I have remembers some grammatical structures that help me to improve my fluency.  When I arrived I couldn’t understand a lot of things just listening but now, four weeks later, I can understand almost everything because I have teachers with different accents, classmates with different ways to talk and when you make the effort to understand, you improve your listening comprehension. 

I will really recommend this experience to everyone!  Here, you can learn, know new people, improve your language, enjoy with the extra activities, travel to different places and have an integral experience.  My best experience ever.  Thank you very much!!!


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