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Danna and Esmeralda Join our Popular Student Ambassador Crew!

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EC Montreal is excited to introduce you to two lovely and energetic students; Danna and Esmeralda!  They are the newest members of our EC Montreal student ambassador crew!  They are looking forward to meeting all of our new students and sharing their tips, suggestions and friendly advise with all of them.

Here is a little something they wanted to share with all of you:

My name is Danna, I was born in Bogotá, which is the capital of Colombia! I’ve been studying English for 8 years, when I finished my school, I want to come here to Montreal to test my English level and since I arrived, I’m in love with everything, the city, the school, the food and the people. I want to be EC Montreal’s student ambassador because I want to learn about different cultures, help new students to get involved with the school and make them feel comfortable, so I find this to be the perfect opportunity to do it.

Hi guys! My name is Esmeralda. I’m from Cancun Quintana Roo Mexico, I already finished my university and my career in business. I came to Montreal to study English and improve my skills. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and visiting new places.

I decided to learn English in Canada because I think it’s the best way. if you want to work in a business company. English is very important in the business world.

I would like to be a student ambassador because I like to help people who are afraid of speaking and I love to meet new people. I love EC Montreal because I already learned more than when I arrived and nowadays, I can speak to people who are from another country and understand very well. 

Finally, I want to share with all of you one of my favorite quotes “those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”.


Having the opportunity to Study English in Montreal is always a blast!

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