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Throwback Thursday!

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Today’s throwback Thursday image is our Beach Day activities held at EC Montreal.  I can still remember the first Beach Day we held.  It was a few years ago and Montreal was experiencing a very long winter.  We could see from our students and staff faces that this was having a huge impact on our overall morale.  We were tired of cold weather and wanted spring to finally come.  We decided to hold a Beach Day activity to improve everyone’s spirit!  We bought beach toys and served beach food liked grilled hot dogs, watermelon and other picnic snacks.  We handed out flower lays to all our students and played popular summer hits on the stereo.  It was wonderful seeing so many happy and smiley faces on everyone’s faces.  We had accomplished what we had set out to.  That become the first of many beach days we held as our complimentary activities.  This is how we welcomed spring, summer and celebrated the last day of summer at EC Montreal.  Throughout the years, we have added more beach toys and found more clever ways to serve our refreshments but one thing that remained the same was the result!  We brought our students together and created wonderful opportunities for them to make friends, practice their language skills and have fun!

We look forward to returning to these fun times at EC Montreal when the time is right.  Although we have announced a return to school date of August 31, we will not be returning to what we are used to.  The time spent at the school will be limited and we will be relying on a blended learning experience in order to limit the physical time at the school.  We are confident that this too shall pass and we will once again be back to the activities and events that we love so much.  Until then, we have created a wonderful EC community on Microsoft Teams where you can access your French or English online classes.

Montreal beaches are reopening on Monday, June 22, so you can enjoy a real beach day!  We do, however, encourage everyone to practice social distancing and to wear masks while taking public transportation.

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