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French For Beginners Workshop!

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Yesterday, our French programme was given a spotlight to shine!  EC Montreal’s French teacher, Shahrzad prepared a workshop for beginners.  With the help of EC’s West Coast ambassador, Arielle, Shahrzad presented to any EC virtual student studying in North America.

The workshop included basics in French like presenting yourself, greeting someone, how to say hello, how to ask how how the other person is, asking someone’s age, where they are from, what their likes and dislikes are and many other questions.  Shahrzad also introduced the students to simple verb conjugation and new vocabulary.

Many of Arielle’s friends participated which made the session even more special and personal.

We wanted to give our EC English students a taste of French as EC Montreal offers Virtual French, General French and Bilingual programmes.

At the moment, we are only teaching online but are currently accepting enrolments for our onsite classes which are expected to resume on August 31.  When we return, in order to comply with social distancing practices, we will be returning with a blended learning approach.  Students will have classes onsite three days a week; Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  On Tuesday and Thursday, students will be learning French online with other EC Virtual French students.  Special Focus classes are expected to also be online in order to limit the staff and student’s physical time at the center.

EC Montreal offers free French trial classes every Tuesday at 11 a.m.  If you are interested, you simply need to contact us at and we will send you a short French placement test and set up temporary credentials for you on Microsoft Teams.  We can then determine which French level is the best for you to observe.  If you like our teaching method and how we teach at EC, you can sign up for the lessons.  We are currently offering a wonderful promotion; we are waiving the registration fee and the weekly rate is only $99 CAD.  If you register for 12 weeks, you only pay for 10 weeks, so you get 2 free weeks!

We are very proud of our French and Bilingual programmes at EC Montreal and have helped many students fulfil their language objectives to either immigrate, pass the DELF proficiency exam or enter into a French speaking university.

Contact us today to schedule your free French trial class and get your delicious taste of French!

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