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And Now a Word From Our Teachers…

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Every week, EC Montreal has been introducing you to our team of teachers. Our teachers have transitioned to an online teaching platform beautifully during this pandemic. EC Montreal is now working on our reopening plans. We are scheduled to reopen our school on August 31. We are devising a plan to offer our students a blended learning experience in order to limit our physical time at the center. We felt it was very important to hear from our teachers and how they foresee our return and the future of our EFL industry.

This week, we are proud to introduce you to our English teacher, Shayan Kurd. Shayan is an excellent teacher and is used to teaching our more advanced level students. He teaches our IELTS preparation classes and helps our students reach their language learning goals. Shayan also teaches for the Canadian Refugee Center. He helps those students get the necessary language ability to enter college or university. We are very proud to have him on our team. Here is what he wanted to share with all of you:

I have been an English teacher at EC Montreal for the past three years. I enjoy seeing so many positive changes in our students’ learning experience.
I have been teaching our students online since we transitioned in March. I believe the most important benefits of EC Virtual is the flexibility, mobility and self-motivation.
When we go back at the end of August, I foresee social distancing will be a little bit of a challenge at first if the problem persists. It will affect the teacher-student interaction including class activities, the teacher’s class monitoring and in general class management.
I am really excited about the blended learning model. It will be a great option for both teachers and students with both learning styles.
I have been trying to encourage autonomy within our students to create a different experience. I have found that students now feel more in control of their learning and that keeps them motivated.
I think more and more educational institutions will tend to move their classes online since the world is facing a fast-paced lifestyle with more requirements now.  I would love to see us using more technology and up-to-date learning styles as we transition going forward.

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