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Sara Fernanda Gutierrez From Colombia: "I love Canada…"

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Sara Fernanda Gutierrez is a lovely 17-year-old student from Colombia who has been studying English with us since February. She will continue with her studies until October and might even try to learn French in the near future 🙂 Here is what she has to say about her experience at EC Montreal:

I’m very glad to live this experience in a multicultural diversity and incomparable country where I have been building countless memories including the beautiful seasons changes in which my favourite has been definitely winter and all the activities I could do to enjoy the snow and the coldest weather, discover the magical views visiting Mount Royal and Niagara Falls, also to be able to understand and appreciate the Canadian culture.

At the same time, I have been living the learning experience with the EC family which have allowed me to develop my language skills and enjoy myself immersed in a friendly environment that make this process significant and delightful, including close and kind management staff that share the funnest and the most creative activities with us, add to that supportive and fantastic teachers who have given me several tools to build self confidence and knowledge based on interesting and important topics, incredible classmates from different countries which has been the best thing thus I have been able to share, learn and understand various aspects of their valuable cultures and at the same time change my mindset and have a new perspective of the world.

I will always remember all the things that I have learnt during this great adventure which have altered the way I look at my life.

I love Canada.

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