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Montreal Businesses Seek English Speakers!

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A recent study conducted by L’Office Quebecoise de la langue Francaise revealed that 40% of businesses in Quebec list speaking English as a requirement or an asset for candidates.  The percentage of businesses on the island of Montreal who require candidates to speak English was an astounding 60%.

Although the province of Quebec is French-speaking, employers recognize that when it comes to business and commerce, proficiency in English is necessary to be able to compete on the international stage.  English is the international language of business and in order to communicate with clients, vendors, sister offices located in other parts of the world as well as all other stakeholders, English is a basic requirement.

If you want to land your dream job in Quebec and specifically in Montreal, having advanced English skills will get you one step closer to an employment offer.

In the province of Quebec, unless your parents went to English school, you are required to attend French school.  Although the French school board includes English lessons as part of their curriculum, parents feel that the amount of English learned in school is simply not enough.  Their children need more exposure to the English language.

Being bilingual is essential in the province of Quebec and EC Montreal is here to help you improve your skills so you can say that you are completely bilingual.  These language skills will ultimately help you land your dream job.  EC Montreal offers English, French and Bilingual programmes.  We offer group classes, private instruction, corporate sessions as well as online options.  We have schedules to help accommodate your availability.  EC Montreal has seen many success stories over the past decades of teaching English and French as a foreign language.  Students have gone on to pursue their post-secondary studies right here in Canada or have landed their dream jobs thanks to their language skills.

EC Montreal will be reopening on August 31 to a blended learning format where students will have face-to-face lessons on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and will have online classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  In addition, we are happy to offer more customized lessons for those interested in private instruction.  Simply let us know what your objectives are and we will do everything we can to help you achieve them!

You can start your language journey on EC Virtual with Online English Courses or Online French Courses. What are you waiting for?  Your dream job is within your reach!

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