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Montreal's Biodome is Reopening on August 31!

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We are beyond thrilled to learn that our beloved Biodome is reopening on the same day as EC Montreal; August 31!  The Biodome has been undergoing major renovations for the past two years.  We have missed taking our students to visit one of Montreal’s most iconic landmarks!  For those of you who are unaware, the Biodome is an indoor zoo.  It is made up of the five eco-systems of the Americas, from the tropical Amazon to the freezing Antarctic!

The Biodome was already so thoughtfully designed.  You feel like you are transported to that part of the world, just by walking through the exhibits.  When you walk through their Amazon, for example, it is as if you are really there.  It is hot, humid and you can take in all the sounds and aromas of the jungle.  They have tropical plants and exotic birds flying around.  You can even see the monkeys swinging from the trees.

When you walk through a Canadian forest, you can feel the temperature drop and the air actually feels crisp as it does when you are in the great outdoors.  You are welcomed by animals you actually see in our forests; beavers, deer, ducks, raccoons and so many other friendly neighbourhood creatures.

You can also walk through a floor to ceiling aquarium that represents the St. Lawrence river.  There you will find all the fish and river creatures you find in this cold and fast flowing river.  You will not see colourful exotic fish as you would in the Caribbean.  Instead, you will find some of the largest and ugliest fish you have ever seen!  The cutest part is you can actually see the duck feet paddling over-top.

Our favourite section of the Biodome is the Antarctic where you will find all different kinds of penguins.  They slide along the icy mounds and splash around the cold sea water and it looks like they are having a marvellous time.  There is seating set up right outside their section where you can sit for a while and enjoy them as they are hard at play!

We having been waiting so impatiently for the reopening of the Biodome!  We cannot wait to see all the improvements they have made.  The Biodome is located on the east end of Montreal, next to the Olympic Stadium.  You can purchase package tickets to include the Botanical Gardens, the Planetarium and the Olympic Stadium tower.  All these attractions are found in a cluster in the same area.  You can access these very popular attractions at the Pie-IX metro station.  This part of Montreal is more French speaking than downtown.

All the attractions have implemented safety measures to keep the guests safe.  They have limited the number of tickets they sell each day and the tickets are by time slot.  You must wear a mask indoors and on public transportation and sanitize your hands when you enter.  You must also be mindful of the people around you and remain socially distant from the other guests, which means at least six feet apart.

As the grand reopening is on August 31, the Biodome is making it free for anyone who is under the age of 18.  There are student rates and the adult ticket price is $16 per person.

We will definitely be promoting this tourist attraction to our students to explore on their own and will be leaving all the details on Microsoft Teams where you can access your Online English Courses or Online French Courses.

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