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Throwback Thursday!

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This week’s Throwback Thursday is an image of EC Montreal’s annual frozen treats day!  Every August, we surprise our students with a variety of frozen desserts to celebrate the end of summer.  Nobody can resist these sweet treats and they are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.  They enjoy their popsicles, fudge pops or ice cream sandwiches while hanging out in the student lounge, practicing their language skills and having a marvellous time.  They usually come back for more and even take one to go as they commute back home to their homestay host or student residence.

At EC Montreal, we love to surprise our students this way.  These kind gestures are our way of thanking our students for choosing EC Montreal for their language adventure.  We want them to know that they are very special to us and the reason we get up every day to come to work.  Organizing these activities or surprising them with a cupcake in their classroom on their Birthday absolutely delights us!

Random acts of kindness are common at EC Montreal.  We want our students to know that they are our very important guests.

We look forward to returning to our face-to-face lessons soon and until then, we remain at your students’ disposable for whatever needs they may have.  They can simply reach out to us and start a chat with us on Microsoft Teams where they can access their Online English Courses or Online French Courses.

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