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Throwback Thursday!

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This week’s Throwback Thursday are images of EC Montreal’s legendary certificate ceremonies!  Every Friday, all the students graduating are sent an invitation to join our farewell party in the student lounge.  We put up graduation decorations on every table in the student lounge with some sweet refreshments.  Our English and French teachers help to distribute the certificates to all the departing students and all the students cheer and applaud the graduating students.

After the certificates are distributed the students all hang out taking pictures with EC Montreal’s photo props and frames.  They sign each other’s Canada flags.  They exchange contact information and share memories, jokes, hugs and tearful goodbyes.  It is always a very special moment at the school.  It is a beautiful farewell and ending to their language adventure at EC Montreal.

We look forward to social gathering restrictions being lifted so we can resume these wonderful moments with our EC Montreal students.  For now, we are bringing the EC certificate to the classrooms and finding cheerful ways to celebrate our students’ graduations.

Despite the pandemic, EC Montreal has done everything possible to create a wonderful sense of community at the school.  We know all our students’ names, we celebrate our students’ birthdays, we celebrate graduations, special holidays and teacher of the month festivities.

We are being safe, practicing social distancing and ensuring we do not gather outside the classroom bubbles.

Join our EC Montreal English or French lessons and be part of this wonderful EC Montreal family!  Until then, you can register for our French virtual lessons to get a head start on your learning.  Not only will you get a taste of the language, you will also get a taste of the destination as you will be studying French with students who are already here in Montreal studying.  You will meet your classmates and teachers way in advance of your full-immersion experience in Montreal!

See you soon!

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