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A Visit From the Easter Bunny!

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This upcoming weekend we will be celebrating Easter!  We have a long weekend to look forward to!  The weather is starting to become a lot milder and with these warm temperatures comes an air of optimism!  The vaccination roll out in Quebec is going really well and they say that by the end of June, any Quebecer who wants to be vaccinated will be able to!  This gives us hope that better days are waiting!  With a large percentage of the population being vaccinated, we can begin to feel a lot more safe.

There is definitely a lot to celebrate and to look forward to at EC Montreal!  Our classes are slowly becoming more and more populated and our students are absolutely delighted to be learning inside our bright and orange classrooms!  We have many social distancing guidelines to respect but we are still doing our best to create a wonderful learning environment for our students.  Ensuring our students feel a strong sense of community at EC has always been a priority!  We accomplish this by making it a very personal experience for our students.  We remember their names, we celebrate their birthdays and make sure to celebrate other special occasions, like Easter!

We prepared small baggies filled with Easter treats and put them in a large basket.  We went to all the different classrooms and distributed them to our students and teachers!  The students were so excited and happy!  We took this opportunity to remind our students that Friday, April 2 is Good Friday and there would be no classes.

It is supposed to be a warm and sunny weekend and a wonderful time to enjoy springtime in Montreal!

Happy Easter from our EC Montreal family!

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