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June Teachers of the Month!

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We are thrilled to announce EC Montreal’s June Teachers of the Month; Sean and Fatiha! 

Our French teacher, Fatiha has won this award many times! Students absolutely adore her and her teaching style. This was the first win for our new teacher, Sean! His students were cheering form him and so excited for their teacher!

Every month our students have an opportunity to vote for their favorite teachers.  We are always so delighted to see that all our teachers receive so many votes.  Students also take the time to write the most wonderful comments about our teachers.  We are happy to share them all with you below:

Parce qu’elle est très créative.

C’est une excellente prof!

Ses cours sont très intéressants.

Elle est très sympa.

Elle est très patiente et intelligente.

She is very patient and kind.

She is a good teacher.

Je lui comprends très bien.

She is gentle and teaches well.  You can ask everything, and she is going to explain it patiently and how many times you require it.

Elle est très aimable et bonne professeur.

She is super energetic and also she explains very well.

She is amazing and gentle.  Se is a good teacher.

She takes her time to make sure the students understand as well as connecting the French language with the main one of the student.

Il est très cool!

He is very patient, fun and encouraging.

Il est sympatique, aimable et amusant.

Il est très patient.


He is really nice with the students and is always making jokes in French in order to relieve the pressure of the class and day.  He is always available to explain and repeat as many times as necessary.

He is so funny and I learned a lot.

He knows how to explain.

He makes the classes very pleasant.

His methodology is good and he is so funny. The classes are cool.

His classes are fun and interesting.

He is funny and teaches very well English.

He explains the topic in a good way.

He is really interested in correcting the pronuncial, grammar and he helps to improve my language skills.

His class is fun!

He is always in a good mood and he is funny!

He is super patient, fun and intelligent and he always is worried about us.

He is good!

The classes with him are pretty.

He is a really good teacher!

He is patient and considerate.

He is attentive and answers all questions for the students.

The class is very nice and the personality is good.

She is a kind and helpful teacher and easy to understand.

She is a kind teacher and also always tries to explain when we don’t understand.

I understand her and she delivers a good class.

She explains very well the class.

She is patient.

I like her class and if I don’t understand, she always helps me.

He teaches very well.

Il est disponible après les cours.

She challenges us to improve our skills every day to be more creative and talkative.

She is cool!

I have never met such a sweet teacher.  Thank you!

She is very kind and the way that she teaches is amazing!

She is really nice!

I appreciated the kind of class that she does.

She does a great job making the lessons interactive and fun.

She is a good teacher and uses parts of the moment to build her class.

She is a good and a good person.  The classes are good.

She has fun activities and exercises.

She uses many kinds of vocabularies.  It helps me to learn new things.

She is always trying to understand us and helps us.  She is really good.

She is the best!

She is so nice and funny!

J’aime qu’elle explique bien la structure grammaire.

Elle toujours nous aide et je lui comprends très bien.

Elle est très amicale.

Elle a beaucoup d’énergie.

Elle parle le français très bien.

Elle explique très bien et je comprends.

Elle a beaucoup de tolérance et elle explique très bien.

Elle est jolie d’enseigner la matière et elle ressourds toutes les questions.

Elle est très patiente avec nous et elle enseigne la matière très bien.

Elle est une très bonne professeure.

Elle enseigne d’une manière diffèrent mais mieux le français que tous.

Elle est très sympathique et elle a une bonne méthode d’enseignement.

She is very energetic and cheerful!

She is a great teacher.

She knows how to explain very well and does a lot of games.

Tres dynamique.

Elle est amusemente.

Elle est très bonne enseignante.

Elle est une très bonne professeure.  Elle est pratique avec ses cours.

She is really nice.  She is very comprehensive.  She teaches really well.

She teaches very well.

She is very energetic and motivated.  She gives many examples to illustrate.

She is helpful, funny, kind and the classes are good.  We learn a lot in a short time.

Elle est une bonne professeur.  A very good teacher.

Great energy, good explaining – just fun!

She is a good teacher and she helps us a lot and she is strict.

I like her method.

She is very kind and interesting.

She helps students to understand using similar words.

She is a good teacher always tries to do the best for us.

Her class is very understandable.

She is very patient and I can improve my skills.  I love her methodology!

She is kind and smart.

She is so kind and she listens to students stories so I really like her!

I like her didactics and her enthusiasm for teaching.

She is very nice with the students.

She makes efforts for the students so they learn.  She makes the classes interactive.

She is very enthusiastic.

She is a very kind and nice person.

She is a very good teacher and I like her class.

I love her lessons.  She is too professional.

She is really nice.  She knows a lot and she always has the best attitude.

I like her teaching method.

The classes are so good!!  Easy to understand.

Her class is always very good and has a good atmosphere.

She makes me feel comfortable in the class.

She is very positive, helpful and dynamic!

I like the way t she teaches us English.

The way she teaches us is very cool.  I really enjoy her classes.

She’s beautiful!

Well organized teaching style.

I think she explains very well and also she tries to share her knowledge with us.

Her classes are the best and she is really funny!

Good development of the classes.

She is nice with the students also her class is interesting.

She is the best!

She teaches very well and is friendly.

She is the best and is very organized in the class.

She is the best teacher.  Her teaching is really good and she is funny!

She is always helpful.

Her class is not too fast and easy to understand.

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