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Young Achievers!

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EC Montreal launched a new programme called Young Achievers this summer!  The programme is specifically for students ages 15 to 18 who are preparing for their post-secondary education.  In addition to improving their English and French skills, our young achievers get a taste of different fields of study through the weekly special focus classes.  Students can also attend academic workshops on Fridays to learn test taking strategies, how to choose a major, how to write a successful admissions letter and so much more! 

We are thrilled to share some of our wonderful student testimonials with all of you!

I recommend EC because it is a very nice experience that you can know about a lot of things and other people.  I liked my lessons a lot!  I learned a lot of things like how to use the past tense, for example and I was able to really improve my English skills.  I am very happy being here! – Luciana, age 15 from Mexico

I chose this school because my cousin recommended it to me.  I like EC Montreal.  The people were always very kind and funny.  I will recommend EC to a friend, and I want to come back to this school again! – Yura, age 16 from Japan

I would recommend EC to my friends because I have had a lot of great experiences in just two weeks.  I have met a lot of amazing people and I went on a three-day trip to New York.  My new friends are from Mexico, Switzerland, Austria, Colombia and the Czech Republic.  I will remember these friends and the experiences I have had here for a long time. – Anna, age 17 from Germany

I chose Montreal because my cousin is here so that I could be able to study and visit her.  I gained confidence in my speaking and in making new friends.  The think that I liked the most at EC was the location and that it is clean.  The homestay that I got was very close to the metro station, so it was very easy to get around and to not get lost.  I would recommend EC to my sisters and to my friends in Mexico.  I will remember this experience forever because it was my first time traveling alone.  I was scared but I am proud of myself because I did it and I think I grew up more as a person! – Valeria, age 18 from Mexico

I decided to spend 4 weeks at EC Montreal in order to improve my French skills.  On one hand, I got to learn more vocabulary and on the other hand, I met a lot of people, which I am really grateful for!  Besides that, my host mother was really nice and helped me whenever I needed her.  I would recommend EC to my friends!  Maybe I will come back with one of them!  – Hannah, age 15 from Austria

I chose EC Montreal because here in Canada people combine English and French.  For me, as a person with not so great French skills, Canada was a great choice because Montreal is bilingual.  I chose EC because I loved the photos of the school and the fact that the school is located in the city center.  The school is very modern, clean and welcoming!  – Stepan, age 17 from Czech Republic

I loved the trip to Toronto with tnt tours!  I would recommend going on the trips.  I saw a so many new things.  I learned a lot of French!  The grammar is taught very well and questions are answered patiently and understandably.  I improved a lot and could have improved more if I spoke French to my friends. – Elizabeth, age 18 from the UK

I chose Montreal because it is a bilingual society.  I feel like I improved my French a lot in a month and more than that, EC made me feel motivated to continue to study.  My favorite lessons were with Kiasa.  He showed us a different form of learning a language.  My favorite thing about EC is the multicultural students and to learn the differences in how people from around the world live. – Yolanda, age 16 from Brazil

Join our English or French Young Achievers programme and be part of this exciting new adventure!

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