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The “English in Action”Program – a practical way to improve your English!

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English in Action Student: Matay / Background : Brooklyn Bridge


In this blog, we’ll describe and explain our program “English in Action” based on a participant, Matay, from Germany. Matay, 19 years old, is a High School graduate who decided to take a gap year after his graduation. However, Matay, who has great ambition and life-energy, didn’t just want to sit the whole year at home and do nothing.

Instead,he desired to get new and important life experience combined with doing something good and something necessary for his future. After doing a little research, he found our very nice and well- located school (literally in the center of New York), which offered the perfect match of a program for his interests – English in Action! Our English in Action program gives its participants the opportunity to first improve their English by attending English classes, and then practice these new skills in the real business and working world of New York by doing an internship in a chosen field of work. Here’s Matay’s experience as a program participant:

“The moment I stepped into the classroom, I got directly welcomed with a nice and warm greeting from my teacher. We began our first school day with an introduction round of the teacher and my new classmates. After that, the whole thing felt even more exciting because of the thought to study English with people from all over the world and even in a different country! Most of the students were very open and interested, so we really got to know each other very fast. After our regular class, we often got together to do something in New York. This was a great benefit for me (I personally hate being a lonely tourist). Furthermore, besides classes and free time, I also had to stay in consistent contact with my coordinator from the school, who helped me to write my resume and choose the right companies for my future internship. Once we send my resume out, I promptly got two job offers from a non-profit organization and a company placed in the Upper West Side in Manhattan. I chose the more suitable company and started my internship right after the weekend I finished school.”

“This internship was in many views a great experience, I not only had the chance to practice my English by writing, reading and most of all interacting with people, I also got to know new sights and skills about my future field of work.”

“All in all, English in Action is a perfect opportunity for people who want to make life-time experiences and who want to grow in their personality, either in their character or in their capabilities.”

“If you have the time in a period of your life, don’t miss this big chance to take English Courses New York!”


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