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Study English and Experience New Learning Methods in New York

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Do you want to study academic English, learn the language of work and business, or simply increase your conversation skills by mastering the English language? Whatever your reasons, New York is the perfect place for you. Study English in New York and experience new ways of learning by exploring this wonderful city.

New York is the city that never sleeps. Take the opportunity to learn English just minutes from 5th Avenue, the Empire State Building and everything you could want from an extraordinary learning adventure. You will learn about a new culture, broaden your vision of the world and make lasting friendships by practising and improving your skills.

The double banking timetable at EC New York is specifically designed for students who wish to develop enough language skills to be able to find work abroad or who are looking for a fun and authentic experience in an international place. The schedule consists of morning lessons one day and afternoon lessons the following day, with reliable and experienced professional teachers. This type of programme offers students enough flexibility to study and explore the local area or look for job opportunities.

Everything you need to know about English in New York

Living abroad will put your skills into practice every day. As you will be surrounded by English speakers, you will be involved and you will have to get involved: asking for information, going to the cinema and chatting with the people. All of these will prove to be useful exercises for improving your language skills. The highly specialised teaching we offer will allow you to communicate in every situation. You will become confident in interacting with colleagues and will be able to use English to achieve highly specific goals.

Classes are based on the linguistic competence of each student, their nationality and age: this organisation helps students to advance efficiently. Students are also placed in classes with classmates for the same level of English from diverse and varied backgrounds.

In addition to improving your English, you will also develop many other skills, such as the ability to solve problems, prepare for meetings and explain your point of view.

Study English abroad for a life-changing experience

Completely immersing yourself in New York, with the help of our reliable and experienced teachers, will develop your fluency, accuracy and appropriate use of English. You will learn to communicate with confidence in all situations, develop useful workplace skills, interact with colleagues, write reports and make presentations in English. By improving your English and your security, you will broaden your horizons and get a huge advantage in your chosen career or academic pathway.

Are you ready to become a study-abroad English abroad? Contact EC English for more information on the full range of courses offered by our English school.

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