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Meet Our New Student Ambassadors!!

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The position of ECSD Student Ambassador is for students who have worked hard to improve their English skills at school and want to give back to the ECSD community. Our current student ambassadors are Essam A., Hyejung  Y.,  Mingun J., and Ghali H., all studying English in the Academic Year program at ECSD. They joined the ambassador program at EC San Diego last month to help incoming students adjust to life at school. Also, these students volunteer their time to help classmates feel comfortable actively participating in school activities and in the local San Diego community.

  • Essam A. comes from Saudi Arabia and has been studying at EC San Diego since February of this year. As a student ambassador, he acts as a translator for lower level students from Arabic-speaking countries.
  • Hyejung Y. comes from South Korea and has been studying at ECSD since March 2013; she speaks both her native Korean and Japanese fluently, and translates for lower level students.
  • Mingun is also from South Korea and has been an ECSD student since June 2013; he speaks fluent Japanese and is a true computer genius! As an active student ambassador, Mingun volunteers as IT support for ECSD students, staff, and teachers.
  • Ghali H. comes from Saudi Arabia, and has been studying at EC San Diego since January, 2013. Ghali acts as a translator for Arabic-speaking students and helps out with activities and events sponsored by ECSD.

Essam, Hyejung, Mingun, and Ghali are all available during school hours to help new students find classes, answer various questions, and support the work of staff and teachers.

Why do students join the ECSD Student Ambassador program? Each ambassador joins for various reasons, but every ambassador gains valuable leadership skills as well as a letter of recognition for their services. Students participating in the program also share an enthusiasm for ECSD and English language learning – they join not only to support their peers, but to share their personal experiences with prospective and incoming students. They also provide feedback from students for ECSD staff and teachers, acting as representatives for their friends and classmates to help improve life and learning at ECSD!

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