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Del Mar Horse Races

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In 1937 Bing Crosby opened up the Del Mar Horse Track. Every summer since San Diego natives have looked forward to the Del Mar Thoroughbred racing season. Fans come to wager on their favorite horses in hopes of winning money.

Wagering on horses is different from gambling in a casino because you are not gambling against “the house” but rather against each other. The way this works is the horse track takes a commission from all the bets waged, and the rest gets redistributed to the winners.  The minimum you can bet is $2.00, and all prizes are based on a $2.00 wager.


Learn new words in English by reviewing some of these racing terms!

Age– Every horse celebrates their birthday on January 1st, regardless of their actual birth date.

Scratch– When a horse was scheduled to race, but was removed from the competition.

Maiden races– A type of race only for horses who have never won.

Stakes/handicap– only the best horses are entered into the race and compete for the highest cash prizes.

Race card–  the schedule of races on a certain day.

Wager– another word for ‘bet.’


The Del Mar Race track is open Wednesday through Sunday and is $6.00-$10.00 depending on seating. Also, on Fridays and some selected Saturdays and Sundays  concerts are hosted after the races. Entry is free with racetrack admission, or $20.00 if you arrive after the races have already finished.

Some upcoming free shows include:

8/29 – Steve Aoki

8/ 31- Ziggy Marley

9/22 – Iration

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