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Student Testimonial: Ayano Wakabayashi

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“I don’t want to leave tomorrow, I wish I could stay in San Diego forever,” stated Ayano Wakabayashi, twenty-seven year old student, who is originally from Japan. Ayano has been at EC San Diego for a year now, and has been enrolled in the Semi-Intensive program.

While Ayano attended College in Japan, she studied English as her major. While in college she always wanted to study abroad in America, and really emerge her self into the culture. After she graduated College, she decided she wanted to start her own  tourism company. Discovering this, she realized she would need to know more English. This is what drove her to enroll in English Courses at EC San Diego.

Ayano went on to say that “San Diego is the best city in the world, the people here are awesome and are very kind. I like that it’s not just the people at EC that are nice but everyone in the city.” While in San Diego Ayano enjoyed it’s many beautiful beaches, ventured the theme parks such as Seaworld, and met a lot of new friends. She went on to say how much she loved the diversity at EC San Diego, and how it has given her the desire to study all the different types of cultures and histories.


When asked what Ayano liked about EC she replied, ” I liked that there are different levels and that the teachers are always willing to help. For a while I couldn’t move up to the next level, it was very frustrating. I showed the teachers that I did want to learn and progress. So many teachers, some who weren’t even my own began helping me, and giving me extra work so I could move up to the next level. With their help I was finally able to move from high intermediate to upper intermediate. I was very happy to have so much support from all of the staff.”

Lastly, Ayano recommends EC San Diego to all students because of how much help she has had to improve her English. Not to mention  all of the breathtaking experiences shes had here, and all the beautiful people shes met!


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