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New 'California Culture' Class!

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Cali Culture Class

Last week, EC San Diego introduced its very own “California Culture” class, which is now offered to new students on their first day of school! This class not only gives students an opportunity to learn about California culture, most importantly, it allows new students to converse and get to know each other on a deeper level!

The class offers a comfortable setting, as students are taken outside to sit in a shaded, grassy area that overlooks the Pacific Ocean! The class begins with introductions, as new students take turns saying their name and sharing interesting facts about themselves. The instructor then proceeds to elaborate on different aspects of California culture, including fun and engaging topics such as history, fashion, food, weather, and sports. Towards the end, students take part in different activities that allow them to practice their conversation and listening skills. Throughout the entire class, the instructor emphasizes the importance of being culturally sensitive and reaching out to students of different nationalities than their own. We’ve already seen great outcomes from this class, as new students are making more connections with other students on their first day, creating a platform for them to succeed!


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