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EC San Diego Gives Back: Feeding the Homeless

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This past weekend members of EC San Diego’s Global Citizenship Course led by teacher Karen Salerni volunteered to feed the homeless in Ocean Beach. EC San Diego staff, students, and teachers were all invited to participate.

EC San Diego’s Global Citizenship Course is just one of the many things that sets our school apart from other English language schools in the US.

Read below to see how this experience helped enhance our students’ EC experience in San Diego:

We planned a BBQ to feed the homeless on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day because it is a day of service in the U.S. We went to Ocean Beach on Monday, January 19, from 2-5 p.m. We started to plan the BBQ two weeks earlier. We were in a rush to do many things, such as making signs for EC students and homeless individuals to announce the BBQ; walking around classrooms to inform students of the BBQ; and collecting money from students as a donation to buy food for the homeless.

On the day of the BBQ, we arrived at Ocean Beach at 2 pm and some students prepared for the BBQ. Meanwhile, other students and Teacher Karen invited homeless individuals in the area to join the BBQ. About 20 students and 30 homeless people came to the BBQ. We enjoyed the meal and spending time with them, which included chatting, playing soccer and listening to the music that two of the homeless people played.

In the beginning, to be honest, we had a kind of prejudice for the homeless. However, through this experience, we changed our attitudes to the homeless. Specifically, we found out that they are pretty friendly and peaceful. In addition, most of them have been suffering from hunger, so we have to continue to help them as much as we can! Also, we want you guys to throw away your prejudice (if you have it) and start to help people who need help around you – not only the homeless, but also whoever needs your help. As a whole, it was a once-in-a-lifetime-experience and I hope you guys have similar experiences like this.

-Hirona, Shota, and Khalid (Students at EC San Diego)

Become a member of Karen’s Global Citizenship Class by registering for a General English course in San Diego!


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