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Student Soraya's Guide to EC and San Diego!

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Soraya Silva came to us from Brazil in January and spent two weeks participating in EC San Diego’s General English course at the Upper Intermediate level. 

Read what this incredible and intelligent lady has to say about her EC experience: 

Hi everybody!

I`m going to talk a little about my trip to San Diego in California. Well to begin, I want to introduce the city. It is a very big and different city. It has a lot of magnificent beaches like Pacific Beach or La Jolla Beach. You can rest on the sand, lie in the sun, get a tan, ride bicycles, have ice cream and so on. Indeed, we have a lot of things to do at in San Diego on a sunny day. But if you want to see big buildings and witness the city world, you should go Downtown.



You can always find interesting things and places to visit. For example, Balboa Park is a huge park with lots of trees and flowers. You can have a relaxing picnic with your friends under one of these big trees. And the most interesting thing is that you can find several museums inside this park. When I was there, I visited the National History Museum and I could see the Discovery King Tut and feel the atmosphere of Egypt during the pre-historic times.


Near this park, there is very famous place called the San Diego Zoo. You can find many different animals that we do not have in Brazil. I loved to see the Koala Bears. They are so cute!! And the Flamingos, too. They look like someone painted them with a bright pink colored pencil


Another place worth speaking about is Old Town San Diego. When you arrive there, it’s like being in a Western movie.
You see old houses and buildings right from the past! Today, the majority of these old houses or buildings are small museums, too. One interesting thing that I need to mention is the food. You can find a lot of restaurants who serve the best Mexican food. It is delicious!! I went to a restaurant that, while I was having chips and sauce, two men were playing Mexican Music. It was an incredible experience!!

Believe me: you will have an amazing time studying English as a second language in San Diego!

Well, this is enough for today!

As you can see, there are a lot of cool things you can do while studying English with EC San Diego!

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