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EC San Diego July Calendar

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See below for EC San Diego’s events for the month of July!
EC San Diego July Calendar

Friday,July 3rd:  There will be no classes held this Friday in honor of the 4th of July holiday!

Tuesday, July 7th:  Coffee and Conversation at Casa De Manana will take place at 1:15pm.  You can sign up for this volunteer opportunity at the front desk, or see Autumn in the Library for more details!

Wednesday, July 8th:  Student presentations will be given on the country of Saudi Arabia in the student lounge at 1:00pm.

Saturday, July 11th:  Come and explore Little Italy this Saturday at 11am.  Student’s can visit the farmer’s market as well as the Ballast Point Brewery.

Wednesday, July 15th:  Have dinner and practice your conversation skills at Casa De Manana, there are only 7 spots, so be sure to sign up early!

Saturday, July 18th:  Make new friends and practice your singing skills at EC Karaoke night.  The cost is $15 and students will meet at Karaoke 101 in Kearney Mesa.

Tuesday, July 21st:  Catch a San Diego Padre’s game with American Host! Tickets are $19 and the game starts at 6pm.  See the front desk for more details.

Thursday, July 23rd:  Visit the Birch Aquarium! Tickets are $10 and the tour starts at 2pm.

Saturday, July 25th:  Visit the world famous San Diego Zoo!  Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at the front desk!

Friday, July 31st:  Happy Birthday to everyone born in the month of July! Come and enjoy a cupcake from the front desk!

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